Miami Vice

Episode 25

Out Where The Buses Don’t Run


Original Title: Off The Wall

Working Title in production:  J-50

Original air date:  10/18/1985

Filming for this episode took place from 07/29/1985 through 08/06/1985  

The teaser starts us out on Ocean Drive. Crockett + Tubbs are tailing a dealer (Manuel “Skates” Santini) as he skates northbound through Lummus Park. They stop near the Victor (1144 Ocean Drive at 12th St.) and watch the deal go down. Crockett’s sixth sense is working, he feels that they are being watched, and they are.

Then we see the opening montage which remains the same as we have seen in episodes 23 and 24.

“Morning guys”, in walks Hank Weldon, like he is just one of the guys.  This of course was filmed on Stage A of Greenwich Studios.

After some time spent in the O.C.B. C+T decide to talk some more with Weldon out on the streets. Most of these scenes never made it from the script to the final production, too bad, but it does show Weldon C+T walking out the back of what looks like a club at a marina. Weldon informs them of a hit scheduled for the next day at the Ocean Club. This was filmed at the rear of the Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove.

Click HERE to see the script pages of the deleted scenes.

Next, it is morning and we see Tubb’s has met Crockett at the St. Vitus Dance (Miami Marina, Bayside). After feeding Elvis it cuts to Crockett and Tubbs standing in the office of Hank Weldon’s ex-partner, Marty Lang. The office was a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see C+T exit Lang’s office. This was filmed outside the U.S. Courthouse at 301 N. Miami Ave., they walk out the NW door and the Cadillac is parked on NE 4th Street at North Miami Ave.

Then we see them southbound on Biscayne Blvd. passing the Barnett Bank and the Everglades Hotel. They drive between NE 3rd and NE 1st Streets. This is the same stretch where we see Tubbs driving northbound in episode 4, Hit List.

Then we see them enter Hank’s place. These interiors were also sets at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to the Ocean Club to watch the hit. This was filmed at the Key Biscayne Hotel. 701 Ocean Drive, Key Biscayne.

Then we go to Crockett’s boat at Miami Marina.

Then we go to Stiltsville, filmed on location off of Key Biscayne. Being out on the bay and having most of the houses destroyed by hurricanes since Vice filmed made this scene a hard one to nail down exact locations. I was able to locate the “vice squad house” and some of the remaining houses that are seen in the background.

We start out with a shot of a house that is sadly gone now.

Below we see a mistake. As they break out of the house we actually get to see the camera barge that is filming allot of the scene. This was likely Camera A seen on the barge. The umbrella we see is protecting the camera crew.

Then we see the Vice Squad scanning the horizon for incoming action. Then we see a house that is still existing. Commonly known as the Hicks house.

Then we see a nice panning shot that encompasses three houses, all of which are now gone.

We see Crockett, Tubbs, and Weldon sitting in the boat underneath what is commonly called the Bay Chateau house. Of the houses remaining today, this is the western most house.

Then we see the drug dealers arrive, Ray Pinchada, Bernie Wingo and others.  We see them boat past the Hicks house. Originally the script called for them to pull up and stop at Rumplestiltskin but that must have had problems because instead they go to the pink house owned at the time by Daryl Parminger (house is now gone).

The seaplane lands and we can see the Miami Springs Motorboat Club in the background. One of the 7 buildings that remain today and the southern most.  

Then we see the plane pull up to the pink house and start to off load drugs. Castillo gives the word and the squad moves in.

Next we see Castillo at the O.C.B. Where he gets a phone call from Hank Weldon. This leads C+T to Hank’s place. The exterior was filmed at Tivoli Arms Apartments, 4400 NE 44th Street at 2nd Avenue in Miami.

We also see this apartment used in the new USA Network series Burn Notice. In episode 3, Fight or Flight.

The interior was a set at the studio. We then return to the O.C.B. (set). There Tubb’s gets a call from Weldon. It took me a while to recognize where hank was. He is calling from a phone booth in the alley at Greenwich Studios between Stage A and Stage B.

Next we hit the road headed to the Doll House in one of the all time great classic Miami Vice driving at night with the perfect music playing scenes. We start eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway going by the Coast Guard Station. We have seen this stretch used before, such as in the teaser of Nobody Lives Forever.

Then we see them westbound on the MacArthur Causeway between Watson Island and mainland Miami.

The drive then cuts to the east end of the MacArthur Causeway as they ride eastbound onto Miami Beach and take the Alton Road flyover. The next cut they are on the ground driving on Alton Road alongside the flyover ramp that they had just driven down.

Then we see a reused shot from Brother’s Keeper of the Daytona on US1 driving by IHOPs.

 Next we see them driving on Collins Ave., southbound toward 5th Street.

Next we see them on 8th Street pulling up to Washington Ave. Then in the same uncut piece of film we see them turn right/ southbound on Washington Ave., go all the way down to 5th Street where they turn right again (westbound) and continue all the way to Jefferson Street before it cuts.

Then we arrive at the doll house. This was filmed at 3015 Grand Avenue at Virginia Street in Coconut Grove.



Skates comes in

Crockett and Tubbs

In the news reel they watch, Tony is on the north side of the federal building/ post office located at NE 1st Ave. and NE 4th St.

Filming operations were based out of No Name Harbor



Script Pages






Deal goes down

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of Gold Coast Shipping/ the OCB.

Then we go inside (set).

Then we see a nighttime exterior establishing shot of the OCB. This is reused footage from Evan.

Then we go inside, filmed on set.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations, or have something else to add, please let me know at:


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