I have come to realize that I am far from alone in my interest in finding out where television shows and movies filmed scenes. To me the locations are often as important as the stories or actors in a film. There are however; few sites to find this information and even fewer that get into detail. Some will tell you that a movie was filmed in Miami but none I have found reveal scene by scene exactly where something was filmed. So here I will attempt to do just that.

This is the fourth “generation” of my location web sites for the television shows and movies filmed in Florida. Miami Vice started me in this hobby and was the focus of my first site as I started my hobby. On a new larger site (southfloridafilminglocations.com) I started adding movies and the series Burn Notice when it started production. The third generation started when I moved Miami Vice and Movies to a separate site located at sffl.comcastbiz.net which left Burn Notice on it’s own site at southfloridafilminglocations.com. Now that the sites have grown I am adding sites to allow easier viewing for you and easier editing for me. Of course I will provide easy links between all my sites.

This is the home page for the second season of Miami Vice. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you enjoy all the sites.  If all goes as planned it will continue to grow on a regular basis. Special thanks to all of you that have taken the time to e-mail me in the past to contribute location information, share your knowledge or just give favorable comments. You make the site so much better and I look forward to your continued support. I welcome anyone who has any information on a show or movie filmed on location in Florida to please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocatons.org

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Work on season 5 of Miami Vice is under way and episodes are being added.

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