Original air date:  10/25/1985

Most filming for this episode took place the week of 03/26/1985 to 04/03/1985. Additional filming to cover some revisions was done on 07/24/85 and 08/07/1985

The episode starts with Trudy doing her make up, getting ready to hit the mean streets of Miami Beach. From watching it on television I do not believe they make it clear that she is doing this in her apartment and not yet at work but the script states that this is taking place in her apartment and the script gives an interesting description of her apartment. - “An airy flat near the water. From the decor of this place it would be impossible to guess that Trudy is a cop. Modern art ala Basquiat, hardwood floors, baby grand piano. Musician maybe....but never a cop. Trudy starts in the kitchen sitting conspicuously alone, eating a simple dinner. One place setting, three other empty chairs around the table. Certain sense of isolation, of sanctuary. Of the perfect ability to stand competently and comfortably alone....but not necessarily want to be alone.” then it cuts to her makeup table. This scene was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the Dynamo nightclub. This was filmed at Freidman’s Bakery, 685 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

We see Tubbs and Stan go inside the club. The bar area was filmed at Fire And Ice, 3841 NE 2nd Ave., Miami.

Then Tubbs goes to the back room area of the bar. For this filming we have left Fire and Ice and gone to a set at Greenwich Studios.

The deal turns out bad as the deal was no secret and two guys rip off the drugs and money. Crockett and Trudy outside the bar (freidman’s Bakery location) see two Trans Ams take off from behind the club. The script called for two El Caminos but that changed when it came time to film.

Both cars go east on 7th Street and then when they get to Collins Ave. the first car turns north and the second goes south. Crockett turns south. The script called for both cars to stick together throughout the chase but that did not stick when they filmed the scene.

Then we see them turn right. Location unknown.

Then somehow they are northbound on Collins Ave. passing the Berkeley Shores Hotel north of 16th Street.

They drive up as far as Lincoln Road and then repeat over the same stretch 3 times including passing between two motorcycles in front of the Berkeley Shores Hotel.

Then the chase jumps up to Collins near 44th Street. They take the famous curve by the Fontainebleau. This is before the windows were covered over and the beautiful mural was painted.

This is where we saw Tony Rome ditch the stolen police car in Lady In Cement.

They continue north bound.

Then it cuts back to Collins by 16th Street before heading into an alley. The alley was harder to place than it should have been. A tricky location that I passed over several times before nailing it down. They are northbound on Ocean Court from 14th St. The Trans Am dead ends at 14th Place. Had he turned right instead of left he could have continued on.  The script called for the lead El Camino to crash into the fence at the end of the alley thus blocking the escape of the second car leading to the shoot out. Obviously they changed this before or during filming.

Then we see the opening montage. It is the now standard season two montage.

After the montage we are still in the Ocean Court alleyway cleaning things up.

Then it cuts to Trudy at home. Her apartment was a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then it cuts to Trudy in a nightclub watching her ex-boyfriend sing.  This was also filmed at Fire and Ice.

Then it cuts back to Trudy’s place (set) where she sleeps with her ex.  

Then we go to the Imperial Hotel on Ocean Drive where Sonny is playing cards on the front porch. The Imperial Hotel was at 650 Ocean Drive.

This is the hotel where we saw Sonny checking with the front desk in episode 19, The Home Invaders.

Next  we see Trudy and Sonny at the police station being interviewed by internal affairs about the shooting. This was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Trudy and Sonny traveling southbound on Biscayne Blvd. while Sonny reinforces that Trudy did the right thing. This was filmed on Biscayne Blvd. in Miami as they drive from about NE 48th Street to about NE 45th Street. The entrance to Bay Point can be seen in the background.

Then we return to the O.C.B. Castillo wants Trudy to take some time off (set).

Then we see Gina and Trudy walking and talking. This was filmed on the west side of Washington Avenue just south of Espanola Way.

This is the same location where we saw Crockett and Tubbs walking with their informant, Nugart Neville “Noogie” Lamont in Cool Runnin’

They walk past where Crockett put Noogie up against the wall.

Cool Runnin’

Cool Runnin’

Then they run into a perv trying to “help” some kids. This was filmed outside the same market where Noogie had done his Don Rickles impersonation.  

They meet the guy in an alley where Trudy goes off on the guy. Perhaps because she is in the same alley, about 30 feet away from where she just shot a guy.

Then we see Trudy at her apartment with her Ex (set) before going out to a party on a ship. This was filmed opposite Big Fish on the Miami River near the S. Miami Ave. Bridge. In the distant background we see the Rivergate Plaza and to the right the Barnett Bank Center. Then when Trudy runs into Adonis dealing, we can see what looks like big Fish and Associated Photo.

Then we go to Crockett’s boat where he is talking with Trudy. This is the same location at Bayside, Miami Marina where his boat has been located.

From there we see Adonis on the Street receiving money outside a bar. This was filmed at 615 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

Tubbs follows him to his supplier. Adonis comes eastbound on SW 64th Street and turns into 8225. We saw this house in episode 24, Whatever Works.

Then it is back to Trudy’s, filmed on set.

Then we see Trudy taking a walk. We see her walking down a street. I am 95% sure I have found this location but I will have to go there in person to verify it 100%. She is walking on the south side of 96th Street on Bay Harbor Island.

Her beach walk was filmed on Miami Beach at the rear of the Carillon Hotel. It was filmed on 08/08/85 during the filming for Buddies.

Then we return to Fire and Ice where Trudy meets with Adonis. Sitting at the table with Adonis was F.B.I. Agent Paul from episode 7, No Exit.

This leads us to Crockett’s boat at the marina.

Then we go to the supplier’s house again at 8225 SW 64th Street.

Then we go to the O.C.B. before going back to Fire and Ice where the episode ends.



Green arrow points to where the initial contact was made.

Red arrow is location of shooting.

Blue arrow is where Trudy goes off on the guy.

Rivergate Plaza



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Then we see an exterior establishing shot of the OCB before going inside. The exterior shot is reused footage from episode 22, Lombard.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add. please let me know at:


Based on the hallway and window construction/design in the small room they enter, it is highly likely that this was filmed on the second floor (USA, 1st floor elsewhere) of the central office building at Greenwich Studios.

Blue = Big Fish

White = Boat

Then we go to the OCB (set).

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


25 46’ 37.11” N   80 08’ 00.34” W

25 48’ 45.85” N   80 11’ 28.39” W

25 47’ 11.96” N   80 07’ 48.15” W

25 46’ 35.33” N   80 07’ 53.74” W

25 49’ 03.22” N

80 11’ 17.00” W

New hi-rise buildings block this same view today.

25 46’ 10.29” N   80 11’ 38.14” W

25 46’ 32.96” N   80 08’ 01.25” W

25 42’ 36.42” N   80 19’ 37.23” W

25 53’ 11.58” N  80 07’ 56.16” W


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