Miami Vice

Episode 27



Original air date:  11/01/1985

Filming for this episode took place from 08/08/1985 to 08/20/1985

The episode starts off with Robbie Cann in a bar ordering 3 shots. He is a new dad and a friend of Crockett’s. This was filmed at Biscayne Babies, 3336 Virginia Street in Coconut Grove.

Then we see the standard season two opening montage. After the opening montage we see the exterior of the Shelborne. 1801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

Then we switch to the interior. In reality we also switch filming locations. The interior stairway and dressing room belong to Tiffany’s nightclub at the Carillon Hotel, 6801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. We also saw Tiffany’s in episode 6, One Eyed Jack.

Then we see Dorothy with her baby in the hotel lobby and she is approached by Price. We have again switched hotels for the filming of this scene. This scene was filmed at the Barcelona, 4343 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

The hotel lobby has been renovated but the floor remains the same.

We see Annie watching from outside. I have not yet sussed out where this was filmed.

Then we go to Price’s room. This was a set at Greenwich Studios as was the hallway outside the room.

From there we go to Dorothy’s motel room. The exterior establishing shot looks like stock footage, possibly from California. Then we go inside the room. A set a Greenwich Studios.

Then when we exit the motel we are at the Corsair Hotel. 101 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. This is the hotel made famous in the Frank Sinatra movie, Tony Rome.

One of the last shots, as the Chrysler drives off, was shot at a different location that I have not yet sussed out but it looks like it was filmed by the studio.

Act 2 opens with an establishing shot of the exterior of the O.C.B., re-used from the episode, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run. Then we go inside to the conference room (set).

Then we see the vice squad go into action. Stan and Larry are doing surveillance. This appears to have been filmed at the studio. Trudy is in a van taking pictures. This was filmed at Greenwich Studios.

Then we return to Tiffany’s where Gina has gotten herself a job.  

Then we see Robbie pay Cannata a visit in his office.  This was also a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to Celebrity Burger where Annie is working. This was filmed at Marjory Douglas Ocean Beach Park on Ocean Drive 1 block north of the Corsair Hotel.

Then we see Dorothy walking the streets of what is suppose to be a Cuban neighborhood. This was filmed outside the Motel Leonard, 54 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

Act 3 opens inside the O.C.B.

Crockett and Tubbs head to Robbies. First we see them eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway by the Coast Guard Station. We saw a similar shot of this location used in episode 25, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

Then we see them pull up in front of Robbie’s bar. This was filmed at The Plaza Condo’s, 1745 James Avenue, Miami Beach.

Then we go inside Robbie’s office. This was a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Godfather Sonny at the church as Robbie’s baby is Baptized. This was filmed at St. Marys, 7525 NW 2nd Ave., Miami.

Then we see Crockett coming to grips with the situation in the washroom of the O.C.B. (set). Then Tubbs comes in and tells him Robbie’s real last name is Cannata not cann. He is Johnny Cannata’s son.

Then we go by the St. Vitus Dance.

Then we see Dorothy at a pay phone. Location unknown.

Then we go back to Robbie’s club (exterior) at the Plaza Condos. Robbie’s office, was filmed on a studio set.

Then the chase is on. They pull away from Robbie’s and head south down James Ave. Then we see some re-used footage from Brother’s Keeper of the Daytona on Biscayne Blvd.

Then it cuts to northbound on Collins Avenue by 27th Street.

Then we see them in the driveway of the Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts. 17th Street at Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

They race out and head east on 17th Street.

Then it cuts to northbound on Collins by 34th Street.

Then we see them northbound on Collins by 38th Street.

Then passing 39th Street and the Cadillac Hotel on Collins Ave.

Then it is back to re-used footage from Brother’s Keeper of the Daytona southbound on Biscayne Blvd.

Then a nice shot of Collins Ave. from Wolfie’s (21st St.) south.

Then they are eastbound on Lincoln Road and then they turn northbound on Collins.

Then northbound in the 4300 block of Collins Ave.

Then they are southbound on Indian Creek Drive at 26th Street.

Then we see Robbie cause an accident in front of the Fontainebleau on Collins Ave. (light blue arrow below left). The Eden Rock (light green arrow below left) can also be seen in the background.

Then we see Robbie arrive at Annie’s place to help Dorothy.  This was a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Crockett show up at Celebrity Burger, still on Ocean Dr.

Then we see more re-used footage. This time from episode 21, Evan. It shows the Daytona eastbound on NW 36th Street at NW 32nd Avenue passing a car dealership.

Then we return to Annie’s place (set) where the episode ends.




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