Original air date:  11/08/1985.

Filming for this episode was conducted from 09/05/1985 through 09/13/1985

The episode starts off with Tubbs inside a brothel. This was filmed inside the Hotel Victor. 1144 Ocean Drive, South Beach.

Trudy is standing at the NW corner of the intersection of Ocean Drive and 11th Street.

Then we see Gina walk by on Ocean Drive and cross 11th Street as Crockett drives up 11th Street and then turns right (southbound) on Ocean Dr. He pulls over and comes to a stop in front of 1060 Ocean Dr.

Trouble brews inside the Victor. Crockett picks up Gina in front of 1060 Ocean Drive then he pulls a U-turn. He then pulls up and stops in front of the Victor.

As Gina walks across the street we can see the Miami Beach Police Department building being constructed in the background.

Then we see the the standard season 2 opening montage.

After the opening montage we find our crew questioning Ivory Jones in the interrogation room. This was a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to the hospital to question the girl who would be Jaws. This was also a set at Greenwich Studios.

The hotel corridor was also a set.

Next we go to the O.C.B. conference room. Also a set at the studio.

Then we go to the police booking room where Castillo is releasing Ivory. We are still at Greenwich Studios on a set.

Then we are back out on location. We see Crockett and Tubbs driving eastbound on North View Drive, Sunset Island 1. They are seen passing this house (below) that is at the SW corner of the intersection of North View Drive and Regatta Avenue.

They continue on passing Silva’s house, 1415 North View Dr. The first time we saw this house was in Home Invaders. It was clearly seen in the background as the home invaders conducted their surveillance.

As seen in Home Invaders.

Then we go inside Silva’s house which was actually filmed on location inside 1415 N. View Dr.

Next we go out to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne. Here we see some rare, poor set decorating with the palm fronds and fresh dirt partially covering part of the retaining wall.

Juan takes care of any future problem with Stiltsville in the distant background.

Then we go to the boat auction. This was filmed at the  Turnberry in Aventura above the pool house. This is the same location we saw used in Golden Triangle part 1 where Crockett was nice enough to Put lotion on the working girl.  Ivory, Crockett and Tubbs now approach by walking straight through where that scene had been filmed.

From there we go back to Silva’s house on Sunset Island.

They end up going out by the pool where Siva has dogs fighting.

Then we see Stan and Larry placing a tracking device on Silva’s boat. I believe this was filmed at Turnberry but I have not yet been able to confirm that.

Then it cuts to the next day at Silva’s. Rosella is in the pool and Juan shows her that he has taken out Ivory.

Then we head to the Victor where Gina and Trudy meet with Rosella. The meeting is overheard by Silva who is on the second floor of the lobby.

Then we go back to the O.C.B. (set) where Gina has uncovered the truth about Juan and Rosella.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs in the Scarab off Cape Florida with Stiltsville radio station WRHC seen in the background.

Then we see Silva switch boats onto the Lauderdale Lady that he had just purchased at the auction. All of this was filmed off the south side of Key Biscayne near Stiltsville.

Then Silva gets the drop on Crockett and Tubbs, who for some reason don’t start up the Scarab and get out of there. The episode ends with Rosella shooting her father, Juan Silva aboard the Lauderdale Lady.





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The green arrow points toward Ivory’s brothel (Hotel Victor).

The red arrow points to where Trudy was posted.

The black arrow points to where Crockett parked.

The blue arrow points to the M.B.P.D. building we see under construction as Gina crosses the road.









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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


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