Miami Vice

Episode 42

Free Verse


Original air date: 04/04/1986

Original episode title:  Zero Solution.

Filming for this episode took place from 02/24/1986 thru 03/04/1986, with additional filming of two exterior shots on 03/25/1986.

The episode starts out reminiscent of Hawaii Five-0 (as did Milk Run) with a shot of a passenger jet arriving at Miami International Airport. The script called for this to be a night time scene but somewhere along the way that got changed.

Then we go inside the airport terminal where the camera follows a woman entering through security. This was all filmed in concourse D of Miami International Airport.

We see Gina and Trudy dressed as flight attendants watch the woman carefully as she passes by.

We see Stan and Larry escorting a man who is in a wheel chair, up the boarding ramp and into the airport. The script calls for Stan to be dressed as the Captain of the plane and be flirting with the Stewardesses. Too bad they did not go with that, because it would have been fun to see. This was filmed at gate 12, Concourse D. It may look familiar because it is the exact same gate where Crockett waits for his girlfriend in the beginning of Yankee Dollar.

As seen in Yankee Dollar

Then we see the standard season 2 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with Tubs arriving at the safe house. He drives northbound past #179 on Ocean Drive/A1A and pulls into number 191 Ocean Drive, Golden Beach.

Then we go inside. In this case they used the actual interior of the house for filming.

Then we go to the consulate. This was one of the scenes filmed after the main filming. This was filmed on 03/25/1986 at 46 Star Island.

Then we return to the safe house where Sandoval is outside with his daughter.

Then we head out to the reception. The reception was filmed on location in one of the rare times where they went up to Broward County to film. The reception scene was filmed at the Museum of Art, 1 East Las Olas Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale.

Then it is back to the safe house on Ocean Drive.

Then we cut to Guerrero’s Condo. This was filmed at Hamilton On The Bay Condos. 555 NE 34th Street in Miami. We see this shot re-used several times throughout Vice as an establishing exterior shot but this is the original shot filmed for this episode on Tuesday 03/25/1986.

We go inside the atrium where there is a party going on. Gina and Trudy spot trouble and make a really dumb move drawing their guns on a crowd of party goers and announcing their presence which results in gunfire and the “bad guys” getting away.

Then we see an establishing exterior shot of the O.C.B. 615 SW 2nd Avenue, Miami.

Followed by the interior of the O.C.B. filmed on set in stage A of Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to a lecture hall for Sandoval’s last Miami appearance. The exterior establishing shot I have not been able to track down yet. Location unknown. The interior of the auditorium was filmed at the Museum of Art on Las Olas Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale.

While there we cut to see Larry talking to Lt. Castillo on a pay phone. This was filmed at Hamilton On The Bay Condos. The pattern on the wall behind him gives the location away.

Then we return to the lecture. From there it cuts to a compound where the tactical team and Vice are staging a raid. This was filmed at the Al Fassi Estate, 37 + 38  Star Island.

After the rescue we see Crockett and Tubbs arrive at the hospital. This was filmed on a set at Greenwich Studios. While there we learn that Sandoval has given the cops the slip and headed out on his own.

We return briefly, to the safe house at 191 Ocean Drive where Trudy and Gina are setting out to track down Sandoval.

Next we cut to a disco where Sandoval is enjoying himself. This was not a real disco but was filmed on a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the OCB (set) where Tubbs learns of Sandoval’s where abouts, supposedly at a club in Miami Springs. We then cut back to the Disco (set). Where Sandoval fires his gun and leaves. Then we cut to the rear exterior of the Disco. This was filmed in Miami Beach on Lincoln Lane North, at the rear of 629 Lincoln Road Mall.

Then we return to the hospital (studio set) where Sandoval’s daughter is kidnapped.

Then we go inside the O.C.B. (studio set) where the kidnappers call to arrange a trade with Sandoval.

Then we go to the beach at the site of the meet. This was filmed on Miami Beach behind the St. Moritz Hotel. 1565 Collins Ave.

Then we go inside.

Then after the rescue Tubbs sends Sandoval and his daughter to sit outside the front of the hotel alone, to sit as easy targets. The episode ends here.



The Tropics Hotel can be seen in the background. It was also seen in the background of Brother’s Keeper.


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