43 T Fund Pirates P2

      Miami Vice

 Episode 43

Trust Fund Pirates


Original air date: 05/02/1986

Filming for this episode took place from 03/05/1986 through 03/14/1986.

The episode starts off shore (from Key Biscayne) out on Biscayne Bay.  The staging area for this filming was Crandon Park Marina on Key Biscayne. Tony Rome’s marina.

We cut to the interior of the O.C.B. where we see Tubbs tuning into the pirate radio station. This was filmed at Greenwich Studios in Miami.

As the Captain plays music we go into a montage of Miami locations.

A woman walking out of the water on some Miami beach. Exact location unknown.

Then we see the Doral, 4800 block of Collins Avenue on Miami Beach. We see this hotel in the background of the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper as well as having been used extensively in the 1972 movie The Heartbreak Kid.

Then we see the Atlantis Condos, (2025 Brickell Ave., Miami) from the north.

Then, from the south.

The Four Ambassadors, 801, 825, 905, 999 Brickell Bay Drive. These buildings were featured under construction in the movie, Tony Rome.  They can also be seen in Smuggler’s Blues and in the Burn Notice episode, Hard Bargain.

Then the Colonial Bank Center at 1200 Brickell Avenue that was featured in the movie True Lies.

Then we see 999 Brickell Avenue.

The Hilton, Fontainebleau at 4401 Collins Ave., which has a long list of film credits including; A Hole In The Head, Tony Rome, Goldfinger, Bellboy, Miami Vice, and Burn Notice.

An art museum which maybe the Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale where they filmed Free Verse but I have not confirmed this.  Location unknown.

Sunbathers, location unknown.

The Rolls Royce dealership that we see in all the opening montages. 5600 Biscayne Blvd.

The north side of the Flagship National Bank, 701 Brickell Avenue. Also seen in the opening montages.

The Nordic Prince docked at the Port of Miami.

Eastbound on the Miami river by South Miami Avenue with downtown in the background.

Footage of a cruise ship passing thru Government Cut headed out to sea. This footage was filmed from Lincoln Road Mall. The pink arrow below points to the apartment house on the SW corner of the intersection of West Ave and 15th Street. The light blue arrow points to the Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key. The stadium has been seen in Miami Vice in the episodes Yankee Dollar, and Definitely Miami. It is also seen in Burn Notice episodes; 38- A Dark Road and 49-Neighborhood Watch. It’s biggest role was in the movie Clambake with Elvis.

Then we see an old man sitting on a bench in Los Angeles. This is the third time we have seen this stock footage used. We have seen it in episode 9, Glades and in episode 10, Give A Little Take A Little.

Miami River Raw Bar. This was located on the south bank of the Miami River on SE 5th Street, just east of Miami Avenue which is the drawbridge we see in the shot.

A boat on the Miami River, Crab legs, and Parrots.  

Then a nice aerial view of Villa Vizcaya, 3251 S. Miami Avenue.  We have seen this location used in numerous episode and movies. Ace Ventura-Pet Detective, Tony Rome, Bad Boys, Absence Of Malice, French Twist, Rites Of Passage, Whatever Works to name a few.

Then we return to the pirate ship on Biscayne Bay.

Then we cut to another boat where the occupants are awaiting a seaplane. Instead they see a Customs boat coming in.

We see the fake Customs Agents shoot up the boat and then we cut to the opening montage. We see the standard season two opening montage.

Act 1 opens with the pirates boarding the boat and taking 8 kilos of smuggled cocaine. Then we see the seaplane arrive.

Then we cut to the O.C.B. First we are in the darkroom and then the office area. This was all filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

We cut briefly to the Captain doing his radio show out on Biscayne Bay before cutting back to Crockett and Tubbs who are arriving at Jumbo’s plane graveyard. This was filmed at Aviation Propellers, 12970 NW 32nd Court, Opa-locka.

While at the O.C.B. Crockett and Tubbs view a video made by Larry and Stan of a stolen goods sting in a warehouse. The sting we see on video was filmed inside Aviation Propellers, 12970 NW 32nd Court, Opa-locka, Florida.

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