Original air date:  03/07/1986

Filming was conducted for this episode from 01/31/1986 through 02/10/1986.  Some additional filming was required and this took place on 02/24/1986 and 02/25/1986.

The episode starts off with the Vice squad surveilling an aviary area. This was filmed mostly at the Metro Zoo, 12400 SW 152nd Street, Miami.  According to the Daily Production report for 02/24/1986 some filming for this scene was also done at the Enchanted Forest, 1755 NE 135th St. in Miami but I do not recognize any of that in the scene.

A limo pulls up into the aviary area.

Then we see the standard Season 2 opening montage.

The deal goes bad and the vice guys move in.

Act 1 opens at the track. Gulfstream horse racing track, 901 S. Federal Hwy. (US1) in Hallandale, Florida. This location has been greatly remodeled since Vice days due to the law change allowing tracks to operate casinos.

Then we go up the road a little to Hollywood Greyhound track, 831 N. Federal Hwy.

We saw this location used in episode 22, Lombard.

Then we see an open courtyard as the exterior set up shot for the court room. My guess is this is stock footage of a California location.  Location unknown.

Then we go inside the courtroom. This was a set at Greenwich Studios and a bad set in my opinion. It looked nothing like a real courtroom and had no room for an audience. They got too wild or vice-y with the design, IMO.

Then we go inside the O.C.B. Also a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to the interrogation area. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Next we see Crockett and Tubbs headed to a basketball game.

We see them eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway by Terminal Island headed onto Miami Beach. This is footage re-used from Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

Then we see them out west on NW 36th Street in the 3100 Blk. headed east.  This is footage re-used from episode 21, Evan.

Then we cut to the basketball game. This was filmed inside the F.I.U Tamiami Campus, Sunblazer Arena, North Runway Ave. It is now called the U.S. Century Bank Arena. This was the debut for this arena. The arena open it’s doors for the first time on Saturday 02/01/1986 and Miami Vice filmed this scene there two days later on Monday 02/03/1986.

The judge is seen leaving the game. We then cut to the interior of a large yacht. Vice filmed interior shots on the yacht in two different locations for this episode. Since nothing is seen outside the yacht it is impossible to tell which location they used for this scene. It was either Waterways, 3601 NE 107 Street in N. Miami Beach or it was on Watson Island. In either case it was filmed aboard the Night Crossing, a 110 foot yacht.

Then we pay a short visit to the O.C.B. (set) before we cut to the Judge’s house. This was filmed at 6001 SW 116th St.

Then we see an establishing shot of Benedict’s office building. This was filmed at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. This is the S.E. Financial Center Building which we saw used (the garage) in Florence Italy for the father and son motorcycle race.

Then we go inside. The interior was actually filmed on location in the S.E Finanial Center (rare for Vice office scenes). It was filmed in suite 454 on the 54th floor.

Benedict is seen outside the building by Stan who is watching from inside a van while Trudy is bugging Benedict’s phone. Both of these shots were filmed at the S.E. Financial Center. In reality Stan would not have seen him since Stan was east of the building and Benedict is seen on the west side of the building between the high-rise and the parking garage.

Gina and Trudy make it out in time and it cuts to Stan and Larry with Berlioz outside at the van. They are parked across the street at the Hotel Intercontinental.  This location is used in the Pilot of Burn Notice.

  Berlioz goes into Benedict’s office to set him up.

Then we cut to the F.I.U. Campus outside the basketball arena. The Judge arrives and goes inside. Then we see him and his son outside where he ask his son to throw the next game which will jeopardize his future.

Then we see the Judge driving on the Julia Tutle Causeway (195) westbound. He pulls off the road and battles with himself over what to do.

Then we go to the O.C.B. (set). From there we go to the Sunblazer Arena.

Next we go back to the Judge’s house on SW 116th Street. Here he turns Benedict down and has a talk with his son while Larry and Stan listen in.

Then we go to the O.C.B. Where Tubbs and Crockett review the tapes.

Next we go to Watson Island where we see the Yacht moored just off shore. We see Judge Ferguson visit Pagone.

Next we go to a playground where Crockett has a talk with Judge Ferguson. This was filmed at the Coconut Grove Mini Park (Verrick Park), Day Ave. and Plaza Street in Coconut Grove.

Then we go to the Locker room where Ferguson gets a call from his dad. This was filmed in the locker room of the Sunblazer Arena.

The father is calling from home. Stan and Larry are in the van listening in on the call. They were filmed outside the Hotel Intercontinental.

Crockett calls the prosecutor from the O.C.B. to attempt to make a deal for the Judge. This fails and Crockett gets a call from Stan and Larry letting him know that Ferguson is headed to Pagone’s Marina on Watson Island. Crockett approaches from the same direction we saw at the start of Lombard as they approached his boat.

Meanwhile Tubb’s arrives at the Sunblazer Arena.

Then we cut back to the Night Crossing where the Judge shoots Pagone.  

Crockett arrives on board and has a brief stand off with the Judge.  Then Judge Ferguson announces that he has finally broken even.  Crockett begs him not to kill himself but the Judge calls it a life.



Red arrows indicate limo’s path.

Looking opposite direction

Then we see the Judge on the opposite (south) side of the causeway parked along the water’s edge.

Bug Van


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