Miami Vice

        Episode 37

Little Miss Dangerous


Original air date:  01/31/1986

Special thanks to Dan Jimenez for the use of a couple of his pictures and to Miamijimf at miamiviceonline.com for his work locating a number of the locations used in this episode.  He has an excellent Fiona fan site where he details her work and this episode.  It can be viewed here, http://home.earthlink.net/~flacolonel/toppage1.htm

The teaser starts outside Sex World. Currently known as Jerry’s Famous Deli located on the N.W. corner of Collins Avenue and Espanola Way in South Miami Beach. 1450 Collins Ave. The first time I saw this location on film was in Frank Capra’s, A Hole In The Head with Frank Sinatra.  Back then (1959) it was a coffee shop named Hoffman’s. Vice used the location several times.  We have already seen it in episode 18, Made For Each Other.

The neon lips that we see at the very start of the episode were made by Mr. Neon of Hialeah, Fl.  Not only do we see them in this episode of Miami Vice but also in the episodes: 54, Streetwise and 79, Rock and A Hard Place. They now have a new life in the USA Network series Burn Notice, where they star as background decor in Michael Westen’s loft.

Then we go inside.  This was filmed at the Victor Hotel. A very popular location for both Miami Vice and Burn Notice. 1144 Ocean Dr. South Miami Beach.

Then we go inside the dressing room. This is likely a set at Greenwich Studios but I have not confirmed that yet.  Location unknown.

Jackie has decided to earn a little extra money. We see her leaving Sex World and walking across the Street toward the Henrosa Hotel, 1435 Collins Ave.

Then it cuts and we are inside a room. This was filmed on a set at Greenwich Studios.

Jackie’s boyfriend, Cat waits impatiently across the street from the Henrosa.

We saw Tubb’s walk by this same area in the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper.  He was on his way into the alley where he was almost killed.

Cat gets tired of waiting and enters the Henrosa. The exterior where he encounters the street woman was on Collins Ave. just outside the Henrosa.  

The interior was a set at Greenwich Studios. There are several things that lead to this conclusion but the final conclusive evidence is the door. When Cat enters the room careful examination reveals that the door jam does not have a latch hole for the door handle nor for the dead bolt and neither the dead bolt nor the door knob have latches or hardware on the side of the door that would allow the hotel room door to be secured if it were a real room. This is a common oversight or cost cutting measure on sets.

Cat finds Jackie has stabbed the the sailor and he is dead.  Cat does not seem very surprised.

Goof:  Surprisingly there is not any blood on Jackie’s knife.

Then we see the standard season two opening montage.

Followed by an establishing shot of the exterior of the O.C.B.  This is reused footage from Cool Runnin’. It is not the first time they reused this footage.  It was also reused in Give A Little, Take A Little.

Then we go inside (set) to the conference room.

This leads us to a street sweeping operation. The start appears to have been filmed on Collins Court.  Exact location unknown.

Then quickly centers operations around the intersection of Collins Ave. and Espanola Way.

Tubbs talks with Jackie at the entrance to the alley on the south side of the Henrosa. He is near the porch where Stan and Larry were stationed, in Made For Each Other.

Looking the opposite direction. From the alley.

Little Miss Dangerous                              Made For Each Other

Then we see Cat and Jackie at their apartment. The exterior and possibly the interior was filmed at  124 11th Street, Miami Beach. It  looks like the interior was shot on location for this scene but it may have been a good set at the studio.

Then we see Gina call Crockett. She is across the street from the Anchor Hotel, 1587 Washington Avenue. This same location starred in the movie, Bad Boys.

Crockett arrives right away.

While there, Tubbs see Jackie walking with a client up the east side of  Washington Ave. and into the Anchor Hotel. Tubbs follows up onto a rooftop room.

Tubbs arrest Cat and they bring him to an interrogation room.  A set at Greenwich studios.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs arrive at Sex World by driving in from the west on Espanola Way.

Then it cuts to Jackie. We see her walking northbound on Ocean Drive (Deco) from just north of 14th Street to where a guy pulls up and picks her up in front of the Betsy Ross.

Then it cuts back to Crockett and Tubbs inside Sex World.  This was filmed inside the Victor Hotel.

It cuts back to Jackie who has killed her client and is setting him on fire in his car. This was filmed opposite the Betsy Ross on Ocean Drive. Burn Notice used this same location as a chess park in episode 18, Bad Blood.  

Then we see Tubbs head to the safe house to visit Jackie and bring her some food. This was filmed at the Raij house on Sunset Island Two. 1727 W. 27th Street, Miami Beach. This house was used in a total of 5 Miami Vice episodes: Evan, Lend Me An Ear, Honor Among Thieves, and Fruit of The Poison Tree.

Location as seen in episode 18 of Burn Notice: Bad Blood.

Then it cuts back to the O.C.B. (set) where Crockett and Tubbs have a fun filled night of paperwork ahead of them.

Then it cuts to Cat’s place on 11th Street.  Cat wakes up and finds Jackie is not there.  Most likely a set at Greenwich studios.

Cat heads out to find her.  First we see him walking south across the roof top of  what is now the Art Deco Market, 1435 Washington Ave.

Cat heads down the stairs into the alleyway (Collins Court). These are the same stairs where Tubbs caught Royco after Royco tripped over a banana box in the teaser of episode 11, Little Prince.  This is one of the very first Miami Vice locations I found years ago when I first started tracking them down.

Then we see Cat walking south on Ocean Court about 30 feet from 11th Street.

Episode 11,  Little Prince.

Next he checks in at Sex World (Hotel Victor). Then we see him walking north up Collins Court just above 11th Street. This area has changed considerably as the Revere Hotel was torn down and Casa Casuarina added an addition in this area. This is where Candy was roughed up by the crooked cops in Score/Golden Triangle Part 1.

Then we see the Oasis sign. This may have been behind the old Oasis Bar located at 815 Washington Ave.  Location unsure.

Then we see Cat talk to a couple of working girls behind 1435 Washington Ave.  This is right next to the stairs we saw him walk down.

Anchor Hotel

Bag Lady, Crockett, Gina



Crescent Hotel

Mc Alpin

Ocean Plaza Hotel

1390 Ocean Drive

Metal stairs

Pilot: Brother’s Keeper

Then we see him again in Collins Court walking north away from 11th Street.

Then back under the stairs at the rear of 1435 Washington Ave.

Then right back to Collins Court just above 11th Street.

Then he gets hit by exhaust from a vent.  Not enough is shown to be able to determine where this was filmed.

Then it cuts and all of a sudden he is on the Port of Miami Bridge with Downtown Miami in the background.

Then we cut to the interior of the O.C.B. (set).

Then it cuts to Jackie and Cat’s apartment. This definitely looks like a set.

Then back to the O.C.B (set) where Tubbs receives flowers from Jackie. We then see Tubbs head out and is seen from above driving his car. This was filmed at Florida International University in North Miami. We see this location again in the up coming episode, French Twist. It is likely they needed to add this shot and filmed it while shooting French Twist.

Then it cuts back to Crockett still inside the O.C.B. (set). Cat calls from his apartment (set) and sets up a meeting. In 1 hour behind the Ardmore Hotel.  

Then it cuts to Tubbs and Jackie inside the safe house on Sunset Island 2.  

Then we see Crockett arriving at the meet. This was filmed on Ocean Court just north of 11th Street. Cat only needed to walk a few feet from his apartment on 11th Street at Ocean Ct. to arrive at the meet. Cat sneaks up behind Crockett by coming out of a cellar window in the Amsterdam Apartments. Better known today as Versace’s mansion, Casa Casuarina.

Picture above:

Blue arrow points to where Crockett parks.

Green arrow points to where we first see Crockett arriving via 11th St.

Red arrow points to where Cat comes out of cellar window.

White arrow is corner where Crockett was standing.

Yellow arrow is alley down which Cat escapes.

Then we cut to the safe house where Jackie drugs Tubbs.

From there we cut to Cat’s place (set) where Crockett kicks in the door. No one is home so Crockett takes off (11th Street facing west). Cat sees him from the balcony (124 11th St.) and follows Crockett who must have been distracted and not paying attention.

Crockett calls for assistance while driving.  Most likely he is on Biscayne Blvd. in the vicinity of the studio but not enough is seen to confirm this 100%.  Location unsure.

Then we see Cat following on his Yamaha. This was filmed northbound on Biscayne Blvd. passing the Charda Restaurant at 13885 Biscayne Blvd.

Then we see Crockett arrive at the safe house where things definitely are not going well for Tubbs. Cat helps Crockett open the door and Jackie shoots herself in the head with Tubb’s gun. Good luck explaining that Tubb’s.  



He is then seen running north away from 11th Street on Collins Court.

Police arrive

Cat escapes

Cat’s apartment

Crockett arrives

Crockett’s corner


Then in Collins Court, northbound behind 1435 Washington Ave.

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