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Plane comes in

Plane stops and we meet Stone.


Approximate location of Crockett and Stone

        MIAMI VICE

                    EPISODE 32


        MIAMI VICE

          EPISODE 32


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We then go to the O.C.B. (studio set).

Original air date: 12/06/1985

Filming for this episode was conducted 10/21/1985 thru 10/25/1985 and also on November 6th, 7th and 15th.

The episode starts out with some stock footage from 1975 showing the fall of Saigon.

Right after we see the famous shot of the fork lift pushing the helicopter off the flight deck and into the sea, we see what looks like injured soldiers on a ships deck. It is not. We have switched from S.E. Asia in 1975 to Miami 1985. Actually Key Biscayne. The helicopter is coming into the floating helipad at the former winter white house of President Richard Nixon. We have seen this property used in numerous episodes of Miami Vice such as Golden Triangle and The Great McCarthy as well as in the movie Scarface. They did a great job making this look like the deck of a Navy ship.

Then we go inside the ship. Stone shows Crockett some drugs being shipped in the body bags of dead soldiers. This was most likely filmed on set at Greenwich Studios but I have not yet confirmed this. Location unknown.

Then we see the opening montage. It is the standard season two montage.

After the opening montage we see a plane headed southbound coming in for a landing at a remote air strip. We are back in current (Miami Vice) time. This was filmed at Opa-locka West Airfield in the far Northwest corner of Miami-Dade County.

Here Crockett meets up with his old buddy, Ira Stone.

Then we go to the Carlyle Hotel (Ocean Dr. and 13th St.) Where the series started with Crockett waiting on the front steps “5000 street corners....” The filming starts at the bar which was in the room off the lobby (to your right as you walk in the front doors) and then goes out to the lobby which was a small restaurant. There Stone gives Crockett and Tubbs an update on the Sergeant.

Next we drop Stone off at his hotel. Thanks to Matt5 at Miamiviceonline.com I now know that this was filmed at the Alexander Hotel, 5225 Collins Ave. Miami Beach.

Next we go to a veterans center. This does not appear to be a set.  Location Unknown.

Then we go back to the Carlyle (south side, exterior courtyard). Here we learn that Stone despite having been a war correspondent does not know how to spell sergeant.

Then we see Crockett in his boat with Stone just off shore at the mouth of the Miami River. The Bank of America Tower and the Hotel Inter-Continental stand prominently in the background. As they are sitting there talking they come under mortar attack from the top of the Hotel Inter-Continental’s parking deck. It is an interesting view of the BOA Tower as it is nearing completion but the exterior glass has not been installed on the top third of the building. This results in the bottom two thirds being lit as we have become accustomed to seeing it but the top third is open and we see the interior construction lights.

The area where the mortar was positioned is now part of the pool area for the hotel.

After the attack we return to the O.C.B. (set).

From there, Stan and Tubbs go to a south beach looking hotel to follow a lead. I have not confirmed it yet but I am 90+% sure that this was filmed at the Carlyle Hotel on the second floor. The hotel has undergone significant renovations since filming so I will need someone familiar with the filming to confirm the location. Even with the upgrades the floor plan matches as does the view out the window. Stan and Tubbs are seen approaching from the west, rear of the hotel and walk toward the front of the hotel. Harold’s room, #200 is at the south east corner of the second floor.

Tubbs learns that the bad drugs are being sold from The End, by a woman named Dakotah.

Then it cuts downstairs to the Carlyle’s Bar. There we see Stone talking to Dakotah on the phone to arrange a purchase.

Then we go to Maynard’s house where Stone all of a sudden goes sideways and we meet Captain Real Estate. Thanks to some great detective work by Airtommy at miamiviceonline.com we know that this was filmed at 625 Leucadendra Drive in Coral Gables.

Next we go to The End where we meet Dakotah. This looks like a set but that has not been confirmed. Based on the look I would be surprised if this were not a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then Tubbs and Crockett hit the road at night. They drive southbound on U.S. 1/Biscayne Blvd. from just south of the McDonald’s at NE 35th Terrace down to the Wendy’s at NE 33rd Street. As they drive we see them pass the Motel where Tubb’s stayed in the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper.

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P2 32 BITW