Then they arrive at The Marlin Hotel on South Beach. They come east on 12th Street and turn north on Collins Ave. stopping at the front door.

The interior is clearly a studio set.

Next we head to The End where we learn Stone is at a warehouse located at “1445 Rosario Drive”. Likely a set at Greenwich Studios but I have not confirmed this yet.

Crockett and Tubbs arrive at the warehouse. This was filmed in Miami on NW 7th Street just west of NW 6th Ave. Crockett gets out and climbs into the building on the north side of the street.

Stone is already inside meeting with Maynard.

Tubbs waits outside, facing west and sees them leave.

They decide to follow Maynard. They pull a u-turn and head east on NW 7th Street and then turn left (north) on NW 6th Ave.

As they turn we see a warehouse on the south side of the street (above). Episode 50 of Burn Notice uses this same warehouse and blew it up.

As seen in Burn Notice, Entry Point


Route they take when leaving.

Then it cuts and we see them headed east on Northwest North River Drive away from NW 7th Ave.

They drive by the camera and turn left (northbound) onto NW 6th Ave. Back toward the warehouse.

Then we see them southbound on NW 7th Ave toward NW 7th Street.  Instead of turning left which would bring them back to the warehouse, they turn right (westbound) and go over a bridge. This leads them into what is now Madeline Westen’s neighborhood in the USA Network’s show, Burn Notice.   

Maynard drives up and over the bridge going around a garbage truck on the far side of the bridge. Tubbs follows over the bridge but drives into the garbage truck. After raising the van into the air Maynard’s assistant, Mr. Hmung jumps into Maynards car and they take off westbound on NW 7th Street.

Looking east from the bridge you can see the warehouse area where the tail began.

Then we see Mrs. Stone exit the Marlin Hotel and get into a cab that is being driven by Mr. Hmung.

Then we cut to Crockett’s boat where he has Tubbs identify Maynard from an old picture. This of course was filmed at the regular slip at Bayside.

From there we go to Maynard’s house where Crockett and Tubbs learn from Mrs. Maynard that Maynard is in the Keys. The tennis court she is on is not at Maynard’s house, but next door.

Then we see Crocket and Tubbs in a flats boat down in the keys. They are between Key Biscayne and Key Largo. Linderman Key, just north of Key Largo.

They make a not so sneaky approach pulling right up to the house.

Stone finds out his divorce came through and it’s final. Then Maynard shoots Stone and ventures off into the brush. For some unknown reason Crockett and Tubbs don’t call for help or take Stone for medical help. They also venture off into the brush where Crockett gets lucky, Mr. Hmung makes an unbelievable mistake and Crockett kills him. Crockett then throws Hmung’s rifle into the brush and goes after Maynard.  Maynard takes off in his boat, too bad Crockett didn’t keep the rifle.

Interestingly Maynard was not the first to use this location as a safe house. Mrs Linderman moved away and donated the land to the University of Miami who in turn leased this land to the United States C.I.A. According to the National Park Service book “Cold War in South Florida” they used it for their training operations for the Bay of Pigs. It was used as a C.I.A. safe house known as Pirate’s Lair and for maritime training operations. The property consisted of four structures only one of which was visible from the deep water canal. The one Maynard uses. The complex was used to teach Cuban exiles the V-20 boat, Boston Whaler type vessels and rubber rafts with silenced motors assault technics and operations. The craft were specially rebuilt to C.I.A. specifications in South Florida boat yards including armor plating, reinforced hulls, modified engines, electronic gear, and hardened points to mount automatic weapons. After the failed Bay of Pigs invasion the C.I.A. is suspected of having used plastic explosives to blow up the main house sending beams and debris across the island. The land where Crockett and Tubbs chase Maynard and Hmung was 25 years earlier a training camp for Cuban exiles to train for La Batalla De Giron or Bay of Pigs.

The episode ends here.




If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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