Original air date: 11/29/1985.

Filming for this episode was conducted from Thursday 08/22/1985 through Wednesday  09/04/1985.

The episode starts off with Gina coming out of a store with some dry cleaning and handing it off to Stan in the bug van. Thanks to the street sign and the Carillon being visible in the background, this was an easy location to find. She then goes into a mini-mart and ask a friend, Odette to do her a favor. This was filmed at 7118 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

Then we see The Vice crew on a stakeout/raid. Izzy is doing a deal in a warehouse. This was filmed at 820 NW 21st Street in Miami. They enter and exit through the rear loading dock on the north side, NW 21st Terrace.

While inside conducting the raid, Izzy and Manny get away and they do so with the bug van.

The address is visible on the sign seen in the background as they exit the building. National Nutritional, 820 NW 21st Street.

Then we see the standard season two opening montage.

After the montage it opens with Odette arriving at Gina’s apartment. This was filmed at the Twins Apartments, 1205-1215 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach.

The inside Gina’s apartment was not filmed on location. Overall they did an incredible job recreating Gina’s apartment at the studio. All of the interior shots were filmed at Greenwich Studios. My first clue was the front door. There was a dead bolt without a bolt, and the door knob was lacking a latch/bolt. The Daily production report (09/03/1985) confirmed that this was all filmed on a set.

Inside the apartment, Odette’s happiness is short lived.

Then we see an establishing shot of the exterior of the O.C.B. This footage is slightly different from that seen in #3, Cool Runnin’ but the cars seen driving by are very unique and identical to those seen in Cool Runnin’ which leads me to believe that the footage was shot at the same time.

Inside the O.C.B. (set), Gina learns she is being stood up so she ask Sonny to come over to her place.

They cut a short scene with Larry and Stan just before we saw Gina and Crockett. I think the episode works allot better with it cut but you can read the script page below.

Then we cut to Gina’s apartment (the Twins) and go inside (studio set) to find Odette there. She has been raped.

Crockett takes off after the guy he saw leaving as they arrived.

The chase is on.

They leave headed southbound on Meridian. Then it cuts and we see them further north, headed southbound, on Park Ave., past 2000 Park Ave. They then turn westbound onto 20th Street.

Then we see them turn from northbound on Washington Avenue to westbound on Dade Blvd. and pass the Miami Beach High School.

The chase runs down Dade Blvd. and crosses Alton Road.

Still westbound on Dade Blvd. they pass 1301 Dade Blvd. at West Avenue.

They enter the Venetian Causeway.

On San Marco Island they split with the Lamborghini going down the wrong side. They travel the length of the Island and continue across the causeway.

They drive under the gate at the toll booth.

Then it cuts to them driving over a draw bridge. One would logically think that they are now at the far west end of the causeway. They have cut all the way back to the east end of the causeway to the eastern most draw bridge. They are however still headed westbound.

Then it cuts again and we are on the drawbridge at the far west end of the causeway. The tool booth, the Miami Herald, mainland, and Dodge Island can all be seen in the background as Crockett makes the arrest.

Then we see an establishing shot of Biscayne General. This is actually now the University of Miami Hospital. The camera was positioned on NW 12th Avenue near NW 14th Street looking north.

Then we go inside the hospital. This was a set at Greenwich studios.

Then we see Crockett at the jail. This was also a set at the studio.

Then we go back to Gina’s where the crew is there gathering evidence. This leads Crockett to go over to Odette’s place.  We see Crockett traveling north on Plaza Street just north of Charles. He then pulls into 3516 Plaza Street and goes inside. This is Odette’s. He walks through the porch area at 3516 Plaza Street but when he knocks on the door and enters the living room, he is now on a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Gina and Trudy show up at Arroyo’s house. Gina looses it as they arrest Arroyo. This was filmed at 120 Arvida Parkway, Gables Estates, Fl.

Then we go to the O.C.B. where we learn the D.A. will not go forward with the case.

Then it is back to the Arroyo house where we see the father scold the son.

At this point the script contains a small scene where Gina is out of control and confronts the Arroyo’s maid in a Coral Gables supermarket. This scene was filmed (at Poppi’s in the Grove, 2911 Grand Ave.)  but it was cut from the final release. Then we return to the O.C.B. While there, Tubbs tells Larry and Stan that he had just received a call from the owner of Club Fatale and the bug van was parked out in front of the club.

We then see Larry and Stan putting pressure on Izzy as they get there stuff back. This was filmed at Crackers, 6685 Eagle Nest Drive in Miami Lakes, Fl.

Then we go out dancing at a nightclub. This is the interior of the same club where we recovered the bug van. Crackers, 6685 Eagle Nest Dr., Miami Lakes.

While at the nightclub we cut briefly to Miami International Airport where we see Odette’s mother arriving and being picked up by Arroyo’s men.

It cuts back to the club and then to Odette’s mother riding southbound on Collins Ave from 18th Street.

Then a cut, where I do not recognize the location.

We see that Odette’s mother makes a deal with the General, at his house (120 Arvida Parkway), for $10,000 USD. When Odette returns home after the party she finds her mother in her living room (studio set).

Then we cut to the O.C.B. where Gina learns that Odette dropped the charges. This leads Gina and Trudy to head to Odette’s to confront her.

Then we head to the O.C.B. where Gina continues to loose it.

Next we see Odette return the dress to Gina’s place. This was filmed on location at the Twins Apartments, 1205-1215 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach.

Then we see Odette arrive home. Exterior was filmed at 3516 Plaza Street. Interior at Greenwich Studios.

We then go to the O.C.B. where Crockett gives Gina some advice. This leads us back to Odette’s where she has killed herself.

We then cut to the O.C.B. (set) where the gang is going out to get some food. Crockett calls Gina at her home (set) because she left early. She decides to go to bed early. Arroyo shows up with bad intentions. He approaches unarmed but Gina decides to take advantage of the situation in order to get revenge, and murders him.

They enter here where the loading dock use to be.



West end draw bridge.

Crockett’s path

Arroyo’s path.

Toll booths.

East end draw bridge.






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Gina and Sonny’s view from the table.

Band here

Band’s view

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