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Prodigal Son P 2



This was the first season two episode to air. Overall it is episode 23.

Original air date:  09/27/1985

The episode starts out in the mountains of Bogota. Well, actually it is suppose to be Bogota but this was actually filmed in Bear Mountain State Park. In New York State, a little north of Manhattan. They are being taken by Henry Drummond, who works for the D.E.A to a cook shack in a clearing where a guy who works for the Revillas is being interrogated.

As Crockett says “It’s your party..” The film cuts and we see men in the road. For this the filming location has moved to the north shore of Silver Mine Lake. They are traveling east on the dirt road that leaves the east end of the ski areas parking lot.

They head south thru the clearing toward the cabin. The exterior shots were filmed in the clearing in Harriman State Park on the north shore of Silver Mine Lake. The scene inside the cook shack was filmed on a set at Greenwich Studios in Miami.

Then we see the opening montage.  It changes slightly from the standard season one opening montage in that the Flagship National Bank segment was cut and replaced with the pan of the south entrance of the Dade County Courthouse.

After the opening montage we are back in Miami at the O.C.B. (Studio set). Crockett is looking at a satellite picture of the Glades and the squad is talking over the clue, Cross of  Jesus/Christ’s Crossing.

Then we go to Christ Crossing. This does not look like the Christ’s crossing area but it could have been filmed almost anywhere in or near the Glades. Location unknown.

Crockett’s hunch pays off. After a semi-successful raid we see the gang going to celebrate. The exterior was filmed on location at 9449 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach. At the time of filming it was The Palms. Now it is called The Beach House. Thanks to DanJ for the use of his picture.

Then we go inside which was filmed on a studio set at Greenwich Studios. Thanks to Rick Bravo for confirming this for us.

After finding that Gina has been shot at the would be party, we go to the hospital. This was filmed on location at Jackson memorial hospital.

Then we pay a visit to Newton windsor Blade, Crockett and Tubb’s credentials in New York. This was filmed on the Touch Of Class docked at the Jockey Club Marina, 11111 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.

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Current satellite view. The Palms has been torn down.

2006 satellite view just before The Palms was torn down.


25 53’ 03.16” N  80 07’ 19.60” W

25 47’ 32.38” N

80 12’ 47.94” W

25 52’ 43.16” N  80 09’ 43.67” W

Modified on 7/7/13 for new site.

The rocks at the entrance to the road at the east end of the ski center’s parking lot are visible at points in the rear facing shots.

Nearly 29 years after Vice filmed here the same uniquely scarred tree still stands, proudly marking this filming location.

They start out headed toward the lake (Silver Mine Lake) but it quickly cuts and they and the Jeep have moved about 200 yards east and a little north away from the lake just inside the woods on the north side of the clearing.

The ridge line in the background helped me find this location and rule out other potential locations.


Jeep gets stopped by scarred tree.

Second location of Jeep and then they head south toward the cabin.

Interior filmed at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see flashes of Bear Mountain State Park filmed at the very top of the Mountain.


Scenic shots

74 00’ 15.04” W

41 18’ 39.72” N




N.Y., N.Y.

Bear Mountain State Park

We start out with a shot filming east on Perkins Memorial Drive just east of the Bear Mountain Peak.

Then we see them pass the camera again and make an acute left turn. Even though we saw them headed eastbound in the first shot past the camera. They are now just west of the first location again headed east. They turn off of Perkins Memorial Dr. onto a picnic road.

Location of camera for first/previous shot introducing us to Bogota.

Left turn

Then we see them again headed eastbound back at the first location on Perkins Memorial Dr. This time the camera is pointed down and off the road making it hard to tell that it was the same location.

Then it cuts and the filming has moved 3.4 miles to the west. To Harriman State Park. They are eastbound from the overflow parking lot thru what is now a beautiful picnic area at the Silver Mine Ski Center.

Then we return to the first location for the third time.

Then we cut back to eastbound on the picnic area road at Silver Mine Ski Center in Harriman State Park. Just a few yards east of where we last saw them on this road.



Camera location for second scenic shot with the river in the distance.

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The on location exterior filming shows a cabin with caulking filling any potential cracks in between the boards as well as a dirty old serape hanging in the doorway. However; when we see them enter (filmed on studio set) the serape looks almost new it is so clean and there are huge spaces in between the cabin’s boards allowing “sunlight” in.

We also see bushes thru the cracks as well as right outside the door as they enter despite there being no bushes near the cabin in the exterior on location shots

Had it not been somewhat overcast/hazy in the distant background we would have been able to see NYC on the horizon between the gap in the hills.

       Miami Vice
       Episode 23
The Prodigal Son