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 Miami Vice

 Episode 39

French Twist


Original air date: 02/21/1986

The episode starts off with a delivery truck arriving at Miami Medical Center. Only, in real life this is not a medical center. It is a school. This was filmed at F.I.U. Bay Vista Campus in North Miami at NE 151st Street and Biscayne. Recently Burn Notice has used the outskirts of this campus for several episodes.

A young woman is visiting her boyfriend who is recovering from a skateboarding accident. She is taking pictures when she witnesses the delivery truck operator get murdered. The murderer takes off in the truck and she has pictures of the murder.

Then we see the standard season two opening montage.

Act 1 opens with stock footage of an aerial view of Paris, France. Then it cuts to a large estate that is suppose to be in France. In reality this was filmed in Miami at Villa Vizcaya. 3251 S. Miami Ave.

Then we see Tubbs inside the hospital. This was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to the police station where we see the witness going thru mug books, trying to identify the murderer. This was also a set at Greenwich Studios.

They learn that they are looking for Sirat Bandi and Interpol is sending Danielle Hier to help with Bandi.

Then we see a jet landing at an airport. This could be stock footage or Miami International Airport. Not enough is seen to be sure.  Location unsure.

Then we see Crockett in a hotel lobby waiting for Hier to arrive. This was filmed inside the Mayfair Hotel. 3000 Florida Ave. in Coconut Grove.

They leave the Mayfair and it cuts to an aerial view of Miami, It focuses in on the Daytona headed eastbound on SE 15th Road and then it turns south on Brickell Ave.  

Next it cuts to the interior of the car and not enough is seen to determine where they are driving.

Then it cuts again to the outside of the car and we see they are westbound on the MacArthur Causeway from Watson Island headed toward mainland Miami.

However there is something wrong with this picture. As the camera follows the car we see the Coppertone sign in the background. We should be looking north but the Parkleigh House at 530 Biscayne Blvd., where the Coppertone sign was located is south of MacArthur Causeway. I have yet to figure this shot out. Perhaps it was both flipped and reversed.

Then it cuts to the safe house. The interior may have been filmed on set at Greenwich Studios or it may have been filmed on location at 3629 Bayview Road, in Coconut Grove.

Then we go back to the hospital. The exterior at the rear of F.I.U. Bay Vista.

Then the interior. Set at Greenwich Studios.

Then back to the safe house. I am not sure if this is a set or on location at 3629 Bay View Road.

Then back to the hospital (studio set).

Cindy calls her boyfriend from the safe house and Bandi is listening in on the call. He gets ready for her as she sneaks out of the safe house. I believe this part if not all of the safe house was filmed on Bay View Road.

Then we see Cindy and her friend arrive at the rear of the hospital (F.I.U. Bay Vista Campus).

Then we see Tubbs racing to the rescue. This was filmed on Biscayne Blvd. near 124th Street. The camera follows the Cadi as it drives by going south.

Then it cuts inside the hospital (set) where Cindy has made it inside to her boyfriends room.

First Rico then Stan arrive on the scene to protect and rescue Cindy.

They exit out the rear of the building.

Davis calls to her and she gets shot by Bandi.

Then we see an establishing shot of Gold Coast Shipping (the O.C.B.) at 615 SW 2nd Street.

Then we go inside the O.C.B. (Greenwich Studio Set).

From there we go to Danielle’s Hotel, the Mayfair in the Grove.

Danielle goes into her room and receives a phone call. Her room appears to be a set at the studio.

The phone call is from Zolan, back at Villa Vizcaya.

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39 French Twist P2

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