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The chase continues.

They round the corner from southbound on Biscayne Blvd., to westbound on SE 2nd Street.

Then it cuts and they are back on Biscayne Blvd. southbound and turn under the metrorail at SE 1st Street.

Then it jumps to westbound on SE 2nd Street turning right (northbound) onto SE 3rd Ave.

Then it jumps back to Biscayne Blvd. approaching SE 2nd Street, where they round the corner again onto SE 2nd Street headed toward the newly completed Bank of America Tower.

Then it cuts back to Biscayne Blvd. headed south passing NE 5th St.

Then they turn from westbound on Flagler Street onto SE 1st Ave., headed south. Here Crockett spins out.

Then we see them northbound on SE 3rd Ave. and then turn left (westbound) onto East Flagler Street.

As Crockett rights himself from his spin out we see a replay of the footage of the Porsche turning from westbound on SE 2nd Street onto SE 3rd Ave., northbound.

Then it cuts to SE 1st Street at SE 1st Ave. We see the Porsche has slowed down as it turns from westbound on SE 1st Street to northbound on SE 1st Ave.

As he completes the turn a mannequin falls out of the car. This is suppose to be the lifeless body of Florence Italy. The Porsche speeds off as Crockett and Tubbs arrive.

This ends the teaser. Then we see the standard season 2 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with an exterior set up shot of Gold Coast Shipping and then quickly cuts to the interior of the O.C.B. (Greenwich Studios, Stage A).

Next we head out to Tommy’s garage. We first saw this location used in episode 36, One Way Ticket. Tommy’s garage was located at 370 NE 15th Street.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs driving away from Tommy’s. The Omni is seen in the background as they head east on NE 15th Street and then enter onto the Venetian Causeway with the Miami Herald in the background.

Then we see them crossing the 195 Causeway. It looks surprisingly familiar. It appears they used footage from the very end of the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper; You ever consider a career in southern law enforcement?

Then we cut to an interrogation room. This was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to the pre-race party where Crockett and Tubbs are introduced as potential sponsors.  According to the Daily Production Report this was filmed at the Mayfair, 2911 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove. The design on the wall in the background confirms this location(not that the daily production report needs confirming). It was filmed in the main conference room.

Then we move to the motorcycle race in the garage. I should say garages. The start and finish were filmed at one location and the interior shots were all at a different garage. We start with an exterior shot of the parking deck at the rear of 200 S. Biscayne Blvd. The S.E. Financial Center.

Then it cuts to the garage’s top where father and son prepare to race. This was filmed 5 blocks to the north at parking lot #3, 190 NE 3rd Street.

Then it cuts to Crockett who is down on the street watching the finish line. He is located on NE 3rd Street with Miami Dade Community College in the background. We saw this location used in episode 19

Home Invaders where it posed as the police department, Robbery Bureau.

Then it cuts back to the roof of parking lot #3 for the start of the race. If it were lighter outside we would have been able to see the other garage used (S.E. Financial Center) for this scene in the background of this shot. In my recreation shot below right the pink arrow points to the other garage visible in the background.

They are off.

Down the ramp into the building.

Then as they take the first turn, about half way into the turn it cuts and then they are magically moved to the interior of the garage at 200 S. Biscayne, the S.E. Financial Center.

They continue down from the 13th floor to the 12th floor where it cuts back to the roof of Parking Lot 3 where the “fans” are looking down at the finish line to see who wins.

Then we see Crockett on NE 3rd Street where he learns Danny is a father.

Then we cut back to the interior of the other garage (SE Financial Center) where somehow the racers are back up on the 13th floor.

They race around the 13th floor a couple of times.

Then all of a sudden they are down on the 10th Floor.

Then back up to the 11th floor.

Then back to the 13th floor.

Then back down to the 10th floor, twice.

Then either the 8th or 9th floor.

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Florence Italy

Lot #3

S.E. Financial Center

Florence Italy P3