Miami Vice

  Episode 36

One Way Ticket


Original air date:  01/24/1986

The episode starts off with Crockett and Tubbs attending a wedding. Thanks to airtommy at we know this was filmed at end of Towerside Terrace in Miami Shores. A hit man was also in attendance. After his wild shooting he runs out the door and escapes onto the bay. Jan Hammer gets in front of the camera here as the wedding musician.

Then we see the standard season two opening montage.

After the opening montage we return to the scene of the wedding gone really bad.

From there we go to the conference room inside the O.C.B. (studio set).

Then we go to a small club. The sign on the outside reads “Home Bass”. I believe this was stock footage. Location unknown. The interior is most likely a set at Greenwich studios. If anyone recognizes the Home Bass please let me know at

From the Home Bass we go to the police station. This is a different exterior than we have seen used before as an establishing shot. It is stock footage from California. Looking north along the east side of the West L.A. Police Station.

Then we go inside to what is clearly a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to the boss’ horse farm. The establishing shot appears to be stock footage from California. Obviously there are not any mountains in Florida.

Then we are on the farm. Somewhere in South Florida. So far location unknown.

Next we go to the O.C.B. (set).

Then we see Thurmond arrive at an airfield and go for a flight in his jet. Thanks to Harold Loeser of Boca Raton who e-mailed me the location, I now know this was filmed at the Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport. Thanks Harold.

Filming goof:  While Thurmond is on the ground we see him in a larger Learjet 25A (Reg.# N24PJ). When we see the plane flying around in the great blue yonder, some of the shots are of a totally different model of Learjet. A smaller, faster, 24D with registraion # N464CL.  I guess they figured no one would notice. Even with the different paint color. The 25A is painted with a black scheme while the 24D is painted with a gold scheme. The 25A has 3 somewhat smaller windows along each side for the passengers while the 24D has two larger windows on the starboard side and 1 on the port side. At one point a third plane, a larger Learjet model makes a brief appearance but I have not nailed down the exact model.

As Thurmond relieves stress in the air it cuts to Crockett doing the same on the ground at the gun range. This was filmed at the Metro Dade Training Center, 9601 N.W. 58th Street in Miami.

Richard Brams the Co-Producer gets in front of the camera here and portrays the Range Master.

Next we go to Tommy’s garage to check on the Ferrari. Tommy is no longer a prostitute (Prodigal Son) now she is a first rate mechanic.  This was filmed at a Fina Station on the south side of the Omni. 370 NE 15th Street in Miami. This station is long gone and there is a metro-rail station on the site.

While at Tommy’s, Crockett receives an anonymous tip. This leads us back to the O.C.B. where they get nowhere.

Then we go to the Fein Gallery.  Location unknown.

Then we go to Marcel’s place where he gets whacked by Sagot while taking a shower. This looks like a set.

Then we go to the O.C.B (set).

Next we go back to the horse farm.  Location unknown.

Then to the airport.

As Thurmond gets ready to fly it cuts to Sagot driving northbound  in the 600 block of Washington Ave. He passes the Angler’s Hotel and is followed by Stan and Trudy.

It cuts back to the airport where Trumond takes off. This was not filmed at one airport but at least two airports.  Much of this scene was filmed at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport. However; at least 1 cut is probably stock footage. As he is taking off we see mountains in the background. I believe this is Van Nuyes airport in California (Where they filmed Casa Blanca). If you recognize it please let me know at

It cuts back to Washington Avenue and we see Sagot passing 7th Street and the 700 block of Washington Ave. The Blackstone Apartment building is seen further up the street. Then it cuts and they are back south of 7th Street pulling up to the intersection with the Blackstone building much further away in the background.

Then it cuts back to Turmond where we see the jet flies thru the air better than thru water.

Next we go to the O.C.B.  Here Crockett gets more info. over the phone and they are able to trace the call.

This leads us to to a room Turmond set up, so he could place his calls from anywhere.  Location unknown.

Then we return to the O.C.B. while they get a warrant.

From there we cut to Watson Island where we get a nice shot of a seaplane arriving.  We see the Lindsey Hopkins Hospital and the Sears Tower, both of which were landmarks that have helped me locate a number of filming locations in different movies and shows.

Sagot is at Chalk airlines awaiting departure.

They get the gun that Sagot used to kill the Langley and then try to capture Sagot at Chalk’s airline. Sagot takes off in a boat and the chase is on.

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Crossing 7th Street.

Sagot takes off in boat.

Chalk’s Airline.

Square building seen in background.

Thurmond’s plane



If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: