This building is where Chandler Bing worked in the sitcom Friends, and Sex In The City filmed restaurant scenes in the Brasserie 8.5 restaurant inside this building.

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Next, we find our duo in NY, NY. We see a montage of N.Y. building scenery. It starts with the Solow building at 9 West 57th Street.

Then 1155 Avenue of Americas shot from the intersection of 6th Ave. (Avenue of Americas) and West 45th Street.

Then to the World Trade Center. Twin Towers 1 + 2.

Radio City Music Hall, on 6th Ave. headed north from West 50th Street.

Next we see the Citi Corp. Building which is located at 601 Lexington Ave. The camera pans around on East 53rd Street at the SW corner of the building by Lexington Ave. The building is on the NE corner of the intersection.

Then northbound on 6th ave. looking up and a little southward as they pass West 56th Street.

Then northbound on 6th Ave. passing West 51st Street.  

Then northbound on 6th Ave. Passing the x,y,z, buildings at West 50th Street.

Then we are northbound on 6th Ave. Passing 1185 6th Ave. The shot continues, panning down to end looking west down West 47th Street from 6th Ave.

Then there is a quick sequence of footage, driving past 5 intersections. These 5 locations proved elusive for a long time but eventually I sussed out 3 of the locations.





Then we drive northbound on 6th Ave. past the X or Exxon building at West 50th Street.

Then it is back to the third location we saw in this montage. 1155 Avenue of Americas shot from the intersection of 6th Ave. (Avenue of Americas) and West 45th Street.

Then we see the Trump Tower. 721 5th Ave.

5th Ave. at the intersection with West 56th Street.

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This is the same spot we saw earlier, with the camera pointing up. Now the camera is at street level pointing west.

40 45’ 49.05” N  73 58’ 30.58” W

40 45’ 70.59” N  73 58’ 15.21” W

40 45’ 24.06” N  73 58’ 58.30” W

40 42’ 41.50 W  74 00’ 47.52” W

40 45’ 34.65” N  75 58’ 50.08” W

40 45’ 49.57” N  73 58’ 39.24” W

40 45’ 38.22” N

73 58’ 48.04” W

40 45’ 35.47” N  73 58’ 49.87” W

40 45’ 28.27” N  73 58’ 54.77” W

40 45’ 44.86” N  73 58’ 27.35” W

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Then 6th Avenue, northbound passing 49th Street. NBC is on the left.

Then Southbound on 5th Avenue passing 51st Street.

Southbound on 5th Ave. at 50th Street, St. Patrick’s on the left. In this 4th location we are just south of the first location.


40 45’ 35.16” N  73 58’ 50.11” W

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