Original air date:  05/09/1986

The episode starts out with Crockett and Tubbs arriving at a drug deal in an old abandoned hotel. This was filmed in the famous Corsair Hotel at 101 Ocean Drive that sadly no longer exist. We see this location used in Buddies, Death and The Lady, and also in the 1967 movie Tony Rome.

The drug dealers know that Crockett and Tubbs are cops and turn the deal into a rip off. We get at least partial views of several buildings along the west side of the first two blocks of Ocean Drive that have since been torn down. This episode is one of the few places where these locations are preserved.

What is now Taverna Opa is one of the few surviving structures that we see.

As Taverna Opa appeared in Tony Rome.

Switek is backing Crockett and Tubbs up from across the street at what is now a nice steak house, Prime 112.

As it appeared in Tony Rome.

                                              As it currently appears.  

We have more recently seen it in Burn Notice’s episode 48, Breach Of Faith.

Things get a little worrisome but Crockett and Tubbs are saved by an unknown sniper. Government cut can be seen in the background.

Then we see the standard season two opening montage.

Act 1 opens with an exterior shot of the O.C.B. then we cut inside (Greenwich Studios set) where Castillo is not happy about the sloppy backup. While there, Gina calls reporting she has spotted the snitch that had set up Crockett and Tubbs.

Next we see Crockett and Tubbs use a little enhanced interrogation on the snitch. This was also filmed at the Corsair Hotel. We see Crockett and Tubbs push the snitch into room 117 on the first floor of the Corsair Hotel. Interestingly we see room 123 across the hall behind them. This is the very room Frank Sinatra (Tony Rome) is lead into to find Diana Pines in Tony Rome (1967).

Filming goof: As they carry him toward the window the window is only about 1/3 open, but when we saw it moments ago from the outside and again right as they get to the window it is all the way open so he can fit through. They drop him out onto the “lawn” on the south side of the hotel.

Then we return to the O.C.B. where Tubbs has a flash back to scenes from Calderone’s Demise and Brother’s Keeper.

Next we see them driving west on 17th Street and turning south onto James Avenue. We see 1685 James Avenue.

Then we cut to Sunset Dr./SW 72nd Street in the 7400 block to continue the driving scene. The shots focused on Tubs were filmed headed eastbound while the shots focused on Crockett were filmed as they travel westbound. We see them pass St. Matthew Episcopal Anglican Church and then turn northbound on SW 75th Ave.

Then it cuts to eastbound on NW South River Drive by NW 29th Avenue.

Then they pull into the Falcon Restaurant/Bar. The 27th Avenue Drawbridge can be seen in the background as they pull into the Restaurant.

Crockett goes inside while Tubbs remains outside to make a call. This sets the scene for a kidnapping where Tubbs is taken away in a van.

Then it cuts to Tubbs inside a house. Surprisingly nice accommodations for a kidnapped person. Then he meets his kidnapper. It is Angelina from Calderone’s Demise. She introduces Tubbs to his son. This was filmed at 7000 SW 69th Ave. in South Miami.

Then we see Orlando, having arrived in Miami, paying for information at a remote meeting. It appears to have been filmed on a causeway and judging by the distance to the Bank Of America Tower seen in the background it was most likely filmed on the Julia Tuttle Causeway/195.  Location unsure.

Switek and other backup

Mystery sniper

Taverna Opa

Crockett and Tubbs inside the Corsair.

Then we return to Tubbs and Angelina who are reuniting. This was likely filmed on set but could have been at 7000 SW 69th Ave.

Then we go to the interior of the O.C.B. (set).

While at the O.C.B. Tubbs makes a huge mistake and gives away Angelina’s location. (set)

Next we see Crockett and Tubbs arriving at Angelina’s.  They are southbound on SW 69th Ave.

They pass what I believe is SW 68th Street. The houses have been redone but the overall set up, driveways etc. match so I am unable to confirm 100% but I am 98% sure they are passing SW 68th Street.

Then they pull into 7000 SW 69th Ave. only to find Angelina and Tubbs’ son have been abducted. Thanks to Dan Jimenez for the use of his photographs from SW 69th Ave.

Then we cut back to the O.C.B. (set).

Then we cut to Angelina being strapped into a car with a bomb. This was filmed on Virginia Key at the end of Mashta Place.

We cut back to the O.C.B. where the team gets ready.

Then we return to Key Biscayne where Tubbs goes in with Crockett backing him up.

Angelina sacrifices herself to save Tubbs.

When Tubbs heads to the row boat, the house at 28 Harbor Point Dr. that has been used in the Great McCarthy, Payback, Trust Fund Pirates, and Yankee Dollar can be seen in the background.

Calderone steps out just in time and escapes with Tubbs’ son.

This starts a fire fight in which the shack explodes.

Next we cut to the O.C.B. where Crockett learns of the D.E.A. involvement.

Then we cut to the Central Office, 1361 NE 127th Street. Now an A.T.+T. facility near the studio, it probably was the same during Vice.

Which leads us to the Falcon Restaurant again.

Then we cut to the O.C.B. where the group is preparing to go to Angelina’s funeral.

From here we cut to the funeral. This was filmed in Greynolds Park in North Miami. They must have cut a scene from the script because there is a kid sized coffin along side of Angelina’s and this was never explained in the episode since Tubbs’ baby was in the main house when all the action went down.

Here Tubbs receives a message. Calderone will be back.




After Vice filmed here a new house was built on the lot.

Black sculpture in background.                 

Spiral sculpture


Black sculpture


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We get a nice view of the now gone Corsair Hotel in Tony Rome. We see exactly where the room Crockett and Tubbs take the snitch was located in the building in relation to the front doors. Tony walks in the front doors off of Ocean Drive.

He walks thru the lobby and up the ½ flight of stairs. Past one door and then a fire hose. The room number has been painted over but it is the same numbers.

Then he enters into room 123.  The room we see behind Crockett and Tubbs as they enter room 117.

We see the matching room in it’s original state vs. the painted Miami Vice room.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Spiral sculpture in background.

    Miami Vice
    Episode 44
Sons and Lovers

The camera pans and we see a unique tree that remains till this day.